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MazorBooks is a new publishing company that specializes in children's books that promote good values. MazorBooks believes in the need to promotegood values such as literacy, respect, responsibility, accountability, honor, honesty, cleanliness, friendship, self-esteem, good nutrition, and healthy living to name several.

The MazorBooks growing collection of books is dedicated to its mission and is sure to enhance the libraries of children whose parents and guardians wish to imbue in their charges good values, positive qualities, and a desire to pursue lives with meaning, accomplishment and fulfillment.

MazorBooks is delighted to announce that in its first five months have existence it has published twelve Children's books with Good Values!  All are available in eBook format, and already NINE are available in print!
- Currently six more are various stages of illustration and formatting and a host of others are in the writing / editing phase.

Click here for list of MazorBooks Publications

-- Available on Amazon.com
-- Available on Barns and Noble
-- Available on CreateSpace.com

As an independent publishing house, we seek out talented authors that seek opportunities to bring their creation to the public.

Our Authors:
- Mark Eichler
- Shani Eichler
- Bernardo Juroviesky
- Ari Mazor
- Michali Mazor
- Sarah Mazor
- Yael Rosenberg

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