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A Taste of Hebrew For English Speaking Kids
MazorBooks children’s books  is proud to open the world of Hebrew to English speaking kids (of all ages). The Hebrew language was spoken by the Jews of land of Israel in ancient times. The language was revived in the 1800s by Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, the father of Modern Hebrew. Hebrew is the official language of the State of Israel.

The Hebrew Alphabet for English Speaking Kids
Hebrew is different than English not only in sound but also in the way it is written. There are 22 Hebrew alphabet (Aleph-Bet) letters. Five of the 22 letters are written differently when they appear at the end of a word and some letters have more than one sound. For example, the sound of “P” and the sound of “F” are represented by the same letter, pronounced “Pey” or “Fey” depending on its word. Hebrew vowels are represented by symbols, which generally are not found in most texts, but they are used in prayer books and children’s and beginner learning books. Finally, the most observable distinction of Hebrew is that it is written and read from right to left.

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