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Bernardo Juroviesky
Bernardo Juroviesky was born in Brooklyn, New York and had an interesting upbringing. Both his parents were from South America. They instilled in him a love for life. After serving in the army, Bernardo met his one and only who shared his love for adventures, had the just the right amount of kookiness, got most of his jokes, and actually enjoyed them. Bernardo and his wife have five children, three girls and two boys, with whom they travelled to some pretty crazy places around the United States and abroad. They lived through some harsh times and some great times and experienced many adventures that Bernardo may one day share with his readers. For now, Bernardo hopes that you enjoy his first adventure story about Go Girl and Little Guy. Bernardo recommends to all boys and girls to create their own adventures. He cannot wait to begin his next one.

Bernardo's Published Books
- Go Girl and Little Guy: The Search for Professor Quackers


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