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What I Want to Be When I Grow Up
By Michali Mazor
Illustations: Kathleen S Mallari
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When I Grow Up What Will I Be? Is something many kids think about.-- Michali Mazor, the 15-year-old author of "When I Grow Up", shares her own musings of childhood as she describes in adorable rhymes and lovely illustrations the many professions (and adventures) she contemplated. What I Want to Be When I Grow Up inspires kids to embrace possibilities and anticipate the future with a positive ‘Yes I Can’ attitude. But while Michali encourages kids to dream about the future and think of the many options available to them she also reminds them to celebrate who they are today.

It is important to encourage children to dream and have ambitions. As well, it is wonderful to inspire children's imagination. But never should kids (or their parents) forget to enjoy and appreciate what and who they are right now!

Sample Pages
From Kindle Edition (Print Edition trim size 8.5x8.5)


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